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03.05.2018 - 11:35 [ Sam Galope, full stack web developer for the last two decades. Law student. / Twitter ]

How many people do you see with their eyes glued to their cellular phones and computers? Almost all of them, right? How many times do people reach for their mobile devices in a day? Almost all the time.Control the code. Control the world. #Programmer #Coders

29.04.2018 - 08:01 [ Futurism ]

The Military Just Created An AI That Learned How To Program Software

(26.April) No, this is not that moment in which AI becomes self-replicating; BAYOU merely generates what the researchers call “sketches” of a program that are relevant to what a programmer is trying to write. These sketches still need to be pieced together into the larger work, and they may have to be tailored to the project at hand.