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15.02.2019 - 05:26 [ Techdirt ]

Study Reinforces How Much The Internet Has Enabled Content Creators To Make Money

So, from a policy standpoint, are we trying to enable everyone to be creative — and maybe make some money from their creativity — or are we trying to set up gatekeepers who pick and choose a few small winners and send everyone else home. Perhaps there’s a legitimate policy argument for the latter position, but it’s a pretty blatant lie that those pushing for such a world are „supporting creators.“ They are not. They are supporting a small class of creators — but mainly they are supporting the gatekeepers. A policy that truly encourages overall creativity is one that creates platforms that enable anyone to create, to share, to distribute and to make some money from their creations (if they want to try to do so, and there’s a reasonable market for it).

13.02.2019 - 10:58 [ Brendan Chilton / Spiked ]

Jeremy, stay true to your principles

Consensus is emerging within the Parliamentary Labour Party, however, around Jeremy’s proposal for an EU-wide customs union. This would include a customs-union code and a common external tariff. But this proposal needs closer scrutiny.

If this position were to be adopted, the UK would not be able to develop an independent trade policy after Brexit, as doing so would be illegal under the Treaty of Rome. The UK would not have taken back control of its trade. Our capacity to trade would be regulated and controlled by an authority over which we would have no control, influence or rights.

13.02.2019 - 10:55 [ spiked / Twitter ]

Jeremy Corbyn is right to block a second referendum. But his Soft Brexit stance would still betray Brexit voters by keeping us in the EU in all but name. He should stand up for Labour’s great tradition of Euroscepticism, writes @BrendanChilton

13.02.2019 - 00:32 [ Jesse Jackson / Chicago Sun Times ]

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is under fire because she’s right

Consider the following:

Reuters poll: 70 percent support Medicare for all, including 52 percent of Republicans.

Fox News poll: 70 percent support raising taxes on those making over $10 million a year.

Bloomberg poll: 62 percent support tuition-free college.

Kaiser Foundation poll: 92 percent support having Medicare negotiate with drug companies to lower drug prices.

Hart poll: 63 percent support $15 minimum wage.

Yale/George Mason poll: 81 percent support the Green New Deal plan.

There is a wide gulf between the political center and the moral center.

12.02.2019 - 15:58 [ ]

#1638 Edir Macedo & family

Edir Macedo, founder of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God, is among the richest religious leaders in the world and a Brazilian media mogul to boot. Raised a Catholic, he converted to evangelical Christianity in the early 1970s. In 1977 he founded his own sect in Rio de Janeiro, which follows „prosperity theology,“ asserting that faith and commitment to a church are rewarded with wealth. In July of 2013 he also became a banker after acquiring a 49% stake in privately-held bank Banco Renner, which boasts among the highest interest rates in Brazil.

12.02.2019 - 15:38 [ CBS News ]

Richest people in the world

n October 2018, Forbes released its annual Forbes 400 list, which ranks the richest people in the United States by net worth.

The list that follows here ranks the richest people on the planet, using information from both Forbes’s annual list of 400 Americans, and its tally of the richest billionaires worldwide, which is updated every spring.

11.02.2019 - 10:11 [ Greenpeace EU ‏/ Twitter ]

#EUJapan trade deal #JEFTA comes into force today as Japan restarts commercial #whaling and refuses to ratify treaties against worker discrimination and forced labour. So much for #EUtrade commissioner @MalmstromEU promise to uphold ‚highest standards‘ for workers & environment!


10.02.2019 - 15:51 [ Mail & Guardian / ]

CIA and MI5 linked to Hammarskjöld death

(28. Aug 1998) The documents, found by a truth commission researcher investigating an apparently unrelated matter, implicate then CIA chief Allen Dulles in Operation Celeste. They also claim that the explosives used for the bomb that downed the aircraft were supplied by a Belgian mining conglomerate, Union Miniere. The company had extensive interests in copper-rich Katanga, and is known to have backed to Tshombe’s use of mercenaries, including the group led by South Africa’s Colonel „Mad Mike“ Hoare.

The most damning report refers to a meeting between MI5, Special Operations Executive, the CIA and the SAIMR at which it was recorded that Dulles „agrees … Dag is becoming troublesome and … should be removed“.

10.02.2019 - 15:27 [ ]

RAF veteran `admitted 1961 killing of UN secretary general`

(12.1.2019) Exclusive: Cold case documentary casts new light on mystery of Dag Hammarskjöld’s plane crash

10.02.2019 - 15:23 [ Youtube ]

Cold Case Hammarskjöld – Official Trailer (HD)

In 1961, United Nations‘ secretary-general Dag Hammarskjöld’s plane mysteriously crashed, killing Hammarskjöld and most of the crew. It’s understood that because Hammarskjöld was, at the time, advocating for Congo’s independence (against the wishes of European mining companies and other powerful entities), the “crash” was an assassination. With the case still unsolved 50-plus years later, Danish journalist, filmmaker, and provocateur Mads Brügger (The Red Chapel, The Ambassador) leads us down an investigative rabbit hole to unearth the truth. He, his Swedish private-investigator sidekick, and a host of co-conspirators tirelessly pursue a winding trail of clues, but they turn up more mysteries than revelations. Scores of false starts, dead ends, and elusive interviews later, they begin to sniff out something more monumental than anything they’d initially imagined.

10.02.2019 - 14:52 [ Socialists for Britain ‏/ Twitter ]

Dear Remainers, We voted to leave. We did not vote to be members of the Single Market, EEA or the Customs Union. The Brexit vote was not a “Right Wing” vote. It was a vote against the devil take the hindmost economic system that the EU keeps us locked in. Cheers, 52% #Lexit

10.02.2019 - 13:58 [ FrançoisLabrouillère ‏/ Twitter ]

„Gilets jaunes“: Christophe Castaner et le préfet de la Gironde visés par une plainte après de graves blessures provoquées par les dangereuses grenades GLI-F4. via Mediapart


10.02.2019 - 12:43 [ ]

Yellow vest demonstrator injured by grenade as protesters try to storm French National Assembly

Mobile phone footage shared on social media showed a protester crouched in pain as medics tended to his severely-damaged hand.

Police said the grenades, which scatter rubber pellets and emit tear gas, were used to disperse protesters after they tried to storm the parliament building.

09.02.2019 - 17:12 [ La Plume Libre ‏/ Twitter ]

[#ActeXIII des #GiletsJaunes en chiffres]

#Paris 10000
#Toulouse 7000
#Lyon 3500
#Montpellier 2000
#Marseille 2000
#Nice 1500
#Caen 2000
#Valence 900
#Lille 2000
#Mulhouse : 1 000
#Rennes 1000
Clermont-Ferrand 1000
#Nîmes 600
#Nice 1500
#Menton 500
#Bordeaux 4500


09.02.2019 - 15:39 [ La Plume Libre ‏/ Twitter ]

🇫🇷 [#ActeXIII] Précisions à propos de la main arrachée à #Paris : la grenade GLI-F4 a été lancée „au hasard“ par des gendarmes, elle a rebondi et le #GiletsJaunes a instinctivement voulu l’écarter pour ne pas qu’elle la heurte. Elle a alors explosé. #9fevrier #Acte13

07.02.2019 - 17:45 [ ]

France recalls Rome ambassador after worst verbal onslaught ’since the war‘

Di Maio this week met leaders of the gilets jaunes as he declared the “wind of change has crossed the Alps” and a “new Europe is being born of the yellow vests.” France said the comments were an unacceptable “provocation”.

07.02.2019 - 17:44 [ ]

Di Maio sees Yellow Jackets

Chalencon, spokesman of the Yellow Jackets list led by Ingrid Levavasseur, told ANSA Tuesday he and Di Maio and Di Battista „practically agree on everything“ after their meeting at the Hotel de France at Montargis, in the Parisian hinterland.
„We’re not talking of alliances yet but certainly of dialogue,“ he said.
He said there would be another meeting next week in Rome between Di Maio and Levavasseur, with him present.

05.02.2019 - 17:53 [ ]

Le 5 février, grève nationale de 24h : la carte des mobilisations

Depuis de nombreux mois, les salarié-es, les retraité-es, les privé-es d’emploi et la jeunesse se mobilisent dans notre pays. Depuis la fin de l’année 2018, le mouvement dit des Gilets jaunes mobilise les attentions et révèle un regain de confiance en l’action collective. La démultiplication des mobilisations s’oppose à la profonde injustice sociale et exige une autre répartition des richesses créées par le travail… Retrouvez dans cet article la carte des mobilisations pour le 5 février.

05.02.2019 - 17:48 [ ]

How Tuesday’s nationwide strikes in France could affect you

The hard left CGT union has called for a national day of strikes and demonstrations on Tuesday in France in response to the national consultation launched by the government and to the ongoing „national crisis“.

05.02.2019 - 05:54 [ Spiked ]

The hypocrisy of anti-austerity Remainers

Leftish EU supporters can invoke EU workers’ rights (despite the EU’s attacks on workers’ right to strike), or blather on about the Social Chapter (despite it immiserating large swathes of southern Europe), all they like. But there is no getting away from it: the EU is the cheerleader for austerity.

04.02.2019 - 10:58 [ ]

Crude Realities of Venezuela’s Future

(1.2.2019) USA being the largest buyers of Venezuelan heavy crude tightening all screws around Maduro. Madura seems adamant and expecting some help from Russia or Iran to bail him out of the situation, but that seems unlikely under the current circumstances. PDVSA being the special purpose vehicle for Maduro seems running out of fuel very soon and will not be able to support Maduro very long. China is withholding business ties and ongoing Refinery project JVs with PDVSA in the situations . Under this circumstances , all roads for Maduro are coming to an end.

02.02.2019 - 18:44 [ Maurice Glasman / ]

Why No Deal Is the Real Deal: Brexit and the Politics of the Interregnum

(17.1.2019) The European Union is the greatest capitalist project ever devised by the human mind. It guarantees, in treaty form, the free movement of capital, labor, goods, and services throughout its territory as a constitutional right. These are known as the “Four Freedoms.” Imagine NAFTA underpinned by a political union so that it would be illegal to resist capitalism. A union in which economic policy is decided not democratically—but by judges interpreting whether the policy is “treaty compliant.” Yet that is the institution supported by the vast majority of progressives throughout the continent—and the main cause of the palsy that has overtaken social democrats across Europe.

02.02.2019 - 17:53 [ Michael H. ‏/ Twitter ]

French radio reports 7,000 Gendarmes will be mobilised today in Paris for 12th consecutive weekend of #GiletsJaunes protests. Just waiting now for the U.K. msm to declare Jean Luc Mélenchon President of France & call for elections in France within 8 days …

02.02.2019 - 17:30 [ Simply Beautiful ‏/ Twitter ]

HUGE mobilization in #Tours today during #ActeXII of #GiletsJaunes protest. Despite the intimidation tactics, rampant police brutality, recent repressive legislation, and preventative detentions – the #YellowVests spirit remains strong and will not be broken! Vive la France!

02.02.2019 - 17:15 [ Desarmons-les! ]

Recensement provisoire des blessé-es des manifestations du mois de novembre-décembre 2018

(4.1.2019) Nous dressons ici un bilan non exhaustif des blessures graves occasionnées depuis le 17 novembre 2018 à l’occasion des manifestations de gilets jaunes et lycéennes. Nous n’avons répertorié que les blessures ayant entraîné des fractures des os, la perte totale ou partielle de membres ou l’incrustation dans les chairs d’éclats de grenade. Nous appelons toutes les personnes concernées à nous apporter des précisions et à rectifier notre article en cas d’erreur ou d’oubli. Par ailleurs, nous invitons toute personne blessée à nous contacter pour s’organiser ensemble sur les suites juridiques, le combat contre les armes et la rencontre entre les personnes blessées. Notre contact : /

N’hésitez pas également à visiter le site LE MUR JAUNE qui effectue le même travail de veille que Désarmons-les!

01.02.2019 - 15:44 [ Yanis Varoufakis ‏/ Twitter ]

A reminder that Greece remains in debt bondage under the Troika’s boot. The EuroWorkingGroup (the Troika’s lair) decreed that the return to Greece of its own money (ECB profits from trading in Greek bonds) will be withheld unless home evictions and auctions are accelerated.

01.02.2019 - 15:23 [ Students for Brexit ]

second referendum: a rapacious vehicle of europe’s elite.

Written by Finn Anderson, Campaign Director at Socialists for Britain

I would just like to thank those at Students For Brexit for providing me with this platform to lay out a brief overview of the socialist case for leaving the EU. It’s refreshing to find a genuine student-led cross-party platform that is committed to upholding the democratic will of the people.

The European Union at its core is a neoliberal institution; shock horror I know! Brussels bureaucrats worship privatisation and purposefully allow wealthy corporations to avoid paying taxes. It is a capitalist project attempting to impose unity between nations from above, in the interests of the capitalist classes of Europe, particularly those from the most powerful nations.

01.02.2019 - 10:33 [ ]

Brexit: Drop the backstop and create a customs association, Ifo economists say

The authors* – Gabriel J. Felbermayr (LMU, Ifo Institute), Clemens Fuest (LMU, Ifo Institute), Hans Gersbach (ETH Zurich and chairman of the Board of Academic Advisors to the German BMWi), Albrecht O. Ritschl (LSE), Marcel Thum (TU Dresden, Ifo Institute, and chairman of the Advisory Board to the German BMF) and Martin T. Braml (Ifo Institute) –suggest a minimum three-month extension will be necessary to establish a European Customs Association.

01.02.2019 - 10:07 [ CNBC ]

Japan, EU sign trade deal to eliminate nearly all tariffs

(17.7.2018) Tusk praised the deal as “the largest bilateral trade deal ever.” He said the partnership is being strengthened in various other areas, including defense, climate change and human exchange, and is “sending a clear message” against protectionism.

01.02.2019 - 10:01 [ Bart-Jaap Verbeek / Twitter ]

Today the @Europarl_EN ratified the EU-Japan 🇪🇺🇯🇵 trade deal #JEFTA, which will enter into force on 1 Feb. It is Europe’s biggest deal, covering 635 million people and almost 1/3 of global GDP, and creates a massive expansion of markets


01.02.2019 - 09:50 [ Xinhua ]

China-U.S. trade talks make important progress for current stage, says Chinese delegation

Guided by the important consensus reached by the two countries‘ heads of state in Argentina, the two sides discussed the topics of trade balance, technology transfer, protection of intellectual property rights (IPR), non-tariff barriers, service sector, agriculture and enforcement mechanism, as well as certain issues of particular concern for the Chinese side.

01.02.2019 - 09:32 [ theGuardian ]

Trump hails China trade talks progress and says he will meet Xi Jinping soon

Trump, speaking at the White House on Thursday during a meeting with Chinese vice premier Liu He, said he was optimistic the world’s two largest economies could reach “the biggest deal ever made”.

No specific plans for a meeting with Xi were announced, but Trump said there could be more than one meeting. US trade representative Robert Lighthizer and Treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin were invited to bring a negotiating team to Beijing in mid-February, with dates still pending.

31.01.2019 - 11:14 [ Trade Unionists Against the EU ‏/ Twitter ]

‚The shock of no-deal Brexit is widely expected to cause a recession here and elsewhere,‘ says the Germany correspondent for the Wall Street Journal. One of the biggest myths of this entire saga is that the EU 27 would have nothing to lose from no-deal.

31.01.2019 - 11:04 [ Grace Blakeley, Economics commentator @NewStatesman ‏/ Twitter ]

Citizens across Europe are beginning to realise that a better world is possible — but it is not prefigured by the neoliberal, neo-colonial politics of the EU. If the Left fails to show what this new world might look like, the Right will do so instead.

24.01.2019 - 06:13 [ World Bank ]

President Kim to Parliamentarians: Human Capital is a “No-Regrets Investment”

(9.10.2018) “Technology is going to bring about many changes, and for that we need to be prepared, and human capital is the key,” stated Madame Lagarde, adding that these technological changes would have a particular effect on women and girls, who “are more exposed to transformation of their jobs than men.”

President Kim pushed parliamentarians to act fast, warning that, “if countries don’t make these critical investments with a fierce urgency, they will be left behind.

23.01.2019 - 07:59 [ BBC ]

Brexit: Delay is ‚most likely‘ option, says former chancellor

Speaking to BBC business editor Simon Jack in Davos, Mr Osborne said that the prospect of no deal meant „the gun is held to the British economy’s head“.

„Russian roulette is a game which you should never play because there’s a one-in-six chance that the bullet goes into your head,“ he said.

23.01.2019 - 06:52 [ ]

EXCLUSIVE: Third of May’s Cabinet in Davos slammed for ‚tax-payer funded freebie to sip champagne with the global elite‘

Hotel bills and restaurant prices skyrocket during the summit which is notorious for its lavish champagne-fuelled receptions held in one of the world’s most exclusive resorts.

It is understood that every minister attending is travelling with at least one member of staff.

The Prime Minister declined an invitation to attend to remain in the UK to focus on the Brexit situation.

18.01.2019 - 14:41 [ ]

Why No Deal Is the Real Deal: Brexit and the Politics of the Interregnum

State aid is not permitted and nationalization is all but impossible under the rigorous competition law enshrined in the Lisbon Treaty of 2007. Sixteen of Labour’s core manifesto commitments would be illegal under EU Law. Labour campaigned in 2017 as if Britain was already out of the EU—and did far better than expected. Some commentators even filed the Labour Party under the dreaded heading of “populism.” The truth is that the EU makes democratic politics very difficult.

17.01.2019 - 06:55 [ Paul Mason ‏/ Twitter ]

So let’s get this right: May offers talks. Corbyn says remove No Deal threat, then we talk. Within an hour, Hammond rings 330 businesspeople and promises to remove No Deal threat because May faces revolt in Cabinet. But Corbyn is the „wrecker“. Tories lie thru their teeth.

17.01.2019 - 06:52 [ ]

Exclusive: The Hammond phone call – full transcript of his conversation with 11 business leaders

The Telegraph has obtained a leaked audio recording of a briefing that Philip Hammond gave 330 business leaders during a conference call in the aftermath of Theresa May’s historic Brexit defeat on Tuesday.

Log-in or subscribe to read the full transcript, including Mr Hammond’s account of how Article 50 could be extended and no deal could be taken „off the table“:

17.01.2019 - 06:20 [ Owen Jones / ]

Labour must pursue a better Brexit deal, not a second referendum

But Labour started the last election campaign 24 percentage points behind the Tories in the polls, and ended two points behind six weeks later. Today, the polling average has Labour slightly ahead. Conservatives fear that a Corbyn-led administration would not be like a “normal” Labour government, and would upend an economic consensus established by Margaret Thatcher. And they would be right.

The media will now attempt to shift the narrative, claiming that it is Labour under pressure. This is absurd.

13.01.2019 - 00:59 [ Spiked ]

‘The gilets jaunes are unstoppable’: Christophe Guilluy on the cultural divide driving the yellow vests.

„One illustration of this cultural divide is that most modern, progressive social movements and protests are quickly endorsed by celebrities, actors, the media and the intellectuals. But none of them approve of the gilets jaunes. Their emergence has caused a kind of psychological shock to the cultural establishment. It is exactly the same shock that the British elites experienced with the Brexit vote and that they are still experiencing now, three years later.“

12.01.2019 - 20:06 [ ]

„Gilets jaunes“ : 84.000 manifestants en France, mobilisation en forte hausse

L’acte 9 des „gilets jaunes“ a coïncidé avec un net regain de mobilisation, avec 84.000 manifestants recensés dans toute la France, contre 50.000 la semaine dernière. 244 personnes ont été interpellées.

12.01.2019 - 19:48 [ Sud Ouest ]

Direct. Gilets jaunes : 6000 manifestants à Bordeaux, quelques heurts, suivez la mobilisation

Des dizaines de milliers de manifestants ont défilé pour l’acte IX partout en France ce samedi. Des incidents ont éclaté dans quelques villes, notamment à Paris. A Bordeaux des heurts ont lieu place Pey Berland.

12.01.2019 - 19:31 [ ]

EN DIRECT – Gilets jaunes : des milliers de manifestants dans plusieurs grandes villes, 156 interpellations à Paris

GILETS JAUNES – Des milliers de manifestants vêtus de gilets jaunes défilent ce samedi dans plusieurs villes de France. A Paris, un cortège s’est élancé depuis Bercy. A Bourges, plus de 5000 personnes s’étaient rassemblées à la mi-journée. Les dernières informations en direct.

10.01.2019 - 20:52 [ BBC ]

Brexit: Japan’s PM says ‚wish of whole world‘ to avoid no-deal

t comes as Honda UK announced a six-day post Brexit shut down.

The Japanese-owned car giant said the move was to ensure it could adjust to „all possible outcomes caused by logistics and border issues“.

05.01.2019 - 18:10 [ Jean-Luc Mélenchon ‏ ]

Drouet et le nouvel âge citoyen des révolutions

« Fascination ! » « Fascination !» ont-ils glapi en cadence. J’ai amélioré mes performances au jeu du chiffon rouge. Les chiens de garde hurlent exactement comme le font les chiens de compagnie dans une rue pavillonnaire : juste parce que le chien d’à côté le fait déjà. Un fait n’est rien pour un journaliste par rapport à l’affirmation d’un collègue. Recopier et répéter est moins dangereux que de dire quelque chose en étant seul à le faire. Ce n’est pas qu’ils mentent, c’est qu’ils sont obligés d’être moutonniers pour ne prendre aucun risque.