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15.02.2021 - 06:09 [ ]

Ministers must never again be free to impose crippling restrictions without proper scrutiny

Drawing on the Civil Contingencies Act, measures would also need Parliamentary approval before coming into effect (unless too urgent – in which case validity would be provisional) and they would expire after no more than 30 days unless renewed, so that in the event of another pandemic, restrictions could not be imposed for months on end without proper scrutiny.

28.12.2020 - 04:00 [ ]

Trump unterzeichnet Konjunkturpaket gegen Corona-Krise

Trump hatte zuvor indirekt mit einem Veto gegen das Gesetzespaket im Umfang von rund 900 Milliarden US-Dollar (738,13 Mio. Euro) gedroht, das er als „Schande“ bezeichnete.

Trump forderte, dass die meisten US-Bürger eine einmalige Hilfszahlung von 2.000 Dollar pro Erwachsenem bekommen sollten. Das Konjunkturpakt sieht aber nur eine Zahlung von 600 Dollar vor.

28.12.2020 - 03:25 [ CNN ]

Trump signs coronavirus relief and government funding bill into law after lengthy delay

The Covid-19 relief legislation was passed by Congress on Monday and was flown to Mar-a-Lago on Thursday to await Trump’s signature. But after sitting on the sidelines during the negotiations, Trump emerged with an eleventh-hour complaint that a separate provision in the deal, which the President’s own White House helped broker, would only provide up to $600 in direct payments. Trump wanted to send out $2,000 checks.