15.11.2018 - 01:50 [ gCaptain ]

Macron at Sea Shows U.S.-France Ties Run Deeper Than Trump Spat

France’s sole aircraft carrier, the Charles-de-Gaulle, the world’s most powerful vessel outside the U.S. navy, puts to sea Wednesday and will sail to the Indian Ocean early next year. It is starting a joint mission with the U.S. and an American frigate will escort it on the voyage, according the Elysee presidential palace.

03.08.2018 - 17:19 [ Javad Zarif, Außenminister der Islamischen Republik Iran / Twitter ]

Met with President & FM of Singapore & FMs of China, New Zealand, Australia and Indonesia. Clear global consensus on need to take concerted action to preserve JCPOA. Also detailed review with HR Mogherini of actions by EU and beyond to ensure economic benefits to Iranian people.

01.08.2018 - 16:16 [ ]

High Representative/Vice-President Federica Mogherini on official visit to Asia and Oceania

From 3 to 8 August 2018, Federica Mogherini, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy/Vice-President of the European Commission, will travel to Singapore, the Republic of Korea, New Zealand and Australia. In Singapore on 3-4 August, the High Representative/Vice-President will co-chair the annual Post-Ministerial Conference between the European Union and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), just three months after EU Foreign Ministers decided to enhance EU security cooperation in and with Asia.

28.07.2018 - 14:58 [ ]

Donald Trump could be ready to order a strike against Iran, Australian Government figures say

Senior figures in the Turnbull Government have told the ABC they believe the United States is prepared to bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities, perhaps as early as next month, and that Australia is poised to help identify possible targets.

28.07.2018 - 03:46 [ The Hill ]

Mattis denies report US is planning missile strike against Iran

Australian outlet ABC News published an article Thursday saying the United States could initiate a missile strike against Iran as early as next month.

“I have no idea where the Australian news people got that information,” Mattis told reporters. “I’m confident it is not something that’s being considered right now, and I think it’s a complete — frankly, it’s — it’s fiction.”

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull also denied the report, which cites unnamed Australian officials.

„It’s speculation,“ Turnbull said, according to The Straits Times. „It is citing anonymous sources.“

04.07.2018 - 05:53 [ Guangming Online ]

Australia „struggling“ with credit card debt, corporate regulator warns

With one of the highest levels of household debt per capita anywhere in the world, Aussies owe a total of more than 45 billion Australian dollars (33.25 billion U.S. dollars) on their credit cards.(…)
While ASIC has urged consumers to be more careful, they also laid a large portion of the blame with the country’s banks, who are currently in the midst of a Royal Commission Inquiry focused on unethical lending practices and misconduct in the financial sector.

18.06.2018 - 22:56 [ GIZMODO ]

Australia Scraps Plans for National Biometric Crime Database

The Australian government is ending its plans for a national biometric database meant to help police departments track suspects and other persons of interest, the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission announced Friday. Surveillance and security company NEC was awarded the contract in 2016, but after a third-party audit found the project had nearly doubled its budget, ACIC terminated the contact.

09.05.2018 - 07:26 [ Washington Post ]

The Latest: Australia and Japan still support Iran deal

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said Wednesday that he regrets President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the landmark pact. Turnbull is urging all parties involved in the pact to show restraint.

In Japan, the Foreign Ministry says Japan continues to support the deal and that it “hopes for a continued constructive response from the nations involved.”

08.05.2018 - 11:15 [ Yomiuri Shimbun ]

INSIGHTS into the WORLD / What the ‘Indo-Pacific’ means for Japan

The Australian government adopted the “Indo-Pacific” term in 2012 as a pivotal idea in its diplomacy. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe used the same term for the first time in August 2016 during the Sixth Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD VI), held in Nairobi, when he unveiled a “free and open Indo-Pacific strategy.”

08.05.2018 - 11:01 [ ]

Viewing the Inter-Korea Summit from Australia

The recently held Inter-Korea summit seems to have created some progress towards a peace treaty, and the potential for the nuclear disarmament of North Korea. While the countries of the immediate region and United States are deemed to have the most a stake in a less hostile posture on the Korean peninsula, Australia also has a significant interest in the development of greater trust and cooperation between the two Koreas.

03.05.2018 - 01:16 [ ]

Stand Up for the Burrup

Dampier Rock Art Precinct comprises possibly the largest concentration of petroglyphs (rock carvings) in the world and possibly the largest number of megaliths (stone arrangements) known in Australia.

26.04.2018 - 01:59 [ Techdirt ]

Australian Gov’t Scooped Up Tons Of Cell Site Location Data To Track Citizens‘ Movements

As other rights agencies and activists note, the collection of personal info in bulk by the government is always alarming. At best, the techniques deployed here are „deeply unethical.“ At worst, they conjure images of the worst government behavior: the use of personal info to target specific groups for additional surveillance or internment (as was done with the Japanese during World War II using US Census data). The entire project was undertaken with zero public notice by an agency already known for being cavalier in its treatment of the wealth of personal information obtained through the Census.

15.04.2018 - 18:51 [ Sydney Morning Herald ]

How could the Syrian strikes affect Australia?

We therefore need to think very carefully about what is in our national interest when it comes to our overseas military commitments and the next American military adventure, whether it be in the Middle East, North Asia or elsewhere – particularly if it puts Australia on a strategic collision course with China.

15.04.2018 - 02:49 [ WSWS ]

Public Meetings in Australia: Organise Resistance to Internet Censorship! Free Julian Assange!

Along with intensified surveillance and monitoring operations by state military-intelligence agencies, this new regime of state-sponsored censorship constitutes a dangerous and unprecedented global threat to freedom of speech and other fundamental freedom of speech.

29.03.2018 - 15:43 [ Techdirt ]

Aussie Rightsholders Look To Feature Creep Site-Blocking To Search-Blocking, Because Of Course They Are

When it comes to censorship in the name of copyright, we’ve made the point time and again that opening this door an inch will cause supporters of censorship to try to barge through and open it all the way. Inevitably, when a population tries to satiate the entertainment industry by giving them just a little censorship, that industry will ask for more and more and more.

A good example of this can be seen right now in Australia. Like far too many countries, Australia began a site-blocking practice three or so years ago. Currently, the Department of Commnications is asking for feedback on the effectiveness of this practice as well as feedback on each step in the process itself. The way it works in Australia is that rightsholders have to get an initial injunction which then winds its way to a site being blocked as a „pirate site.“ Well, for the largest entertainment industry groups in Australia, the feedback is essentially, „This is great, let’s censor even more!“