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26.01.2019 - 09:16 [ Facebook ]

Facebook and the Technical University of Munich Announce New Independent TUM Institute for Ethics in Artificial Intelligence

The Technical University of Munich is one of the top-ranked universities worldwide in the field of artificial intelligence, with work extending from fundamental research, to applications in fields like robotics and machine intelligence, to the study of the social implications of AI. The Institute for Ethics in Artificial Intelligence will leverage the TUM’s outstanding academic expertise, resources and global network to pursue rigorous ethical research into the questions evolving technologies raise.

The Institute will also benefit from Germany’s position at the forefront of the conversation surrounding ethical frameworks for AI — including the creation of government-led ethical guidelines on autonomous driving — and its work with European institutions on these issues.

17.01.2019 - 22:31 [ / ]

Artificial security and defence intelligence of the European Union

(16.1.2019) According to the study published by the European Union Institute for Security Studies, in the coming years artificial intelligence (AI) will be present in almost all areas of daily life: communication, healthcare and even security and defence.

21.08.2018 - 22:56 [ German Foreign Policy ]

„Artificial Intelligence made in Germany“

Die Bundesregierung treibt die Förderung von Forschung und Nutzung Künstlicher Intelligenz (KI) sowie deren Nutzung durch die Bundeswehr voran. KI sei „keine Innovation wie viele andere“, sondern eine überaus weit reichende Basisinnovation, die bereits in wenigen Jahren sämtliche Bereiche von Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft umwälzen werde, urteilte jüngst Bundeswirtschaftsminister Peter Altmaier. Laut einem Eckpunktepapier, das der Vorbereitung eines umfassenden staatlichen „Masterplans Künstliche Intelligenz“ dient, sollen „Deutschland und Europa“ in der KI „auf ein weltweit führendes Niveau“ gebracht werden; das neu gewonnene Know-how soll „in Wertschöpfung umgemünzt werden“. Laut Prognosen könnten Millionen Arbeitsplätze durch KI überflüssig gemacht werden – wie es heißt, wohl besonders im Dienstleistungssektor. Experten erklären, besondere Anstrengungen seien unumgänglich, damit Berlin und die EU nicht gegenüber China und den USA in Rückstand gerieten. Die Bundeswehr bereitet ein eigenes KI-Projekt vor – um Krisen und sogar Kriege vorhersagen zu können.

21.07.2018 - 10:20 [ Microsoft ]

Facial recognition technology: The need for public regulation and corporate responsibility

Imagine finding a young missing child by recognizing her as she is being walked down the street. Imagine helping the police to identify a terrorist bent on destruction as he walks into the arena where you’re attending a sporting event. Imagine a smartphone camera and app that tells a person who is blind the name of the individual who has just walked into a room to join a meeting.

17.07.2018 - 15:51 [ Brookings ]

The ascent of Artificial Intelligence: How will AI change the nation-state?

Most AI systems today are based on supervised and reinforced learning, where learning happens through exposing the AI system to tens of thousands of illustrative examples. This has led to a stage where the world is shifting from a time where people wrote programs to a time where machines are learning to write codes for themselves. This can be illustrated through the simplest examples of driverless cars – how machines (for example, cars) learn (for example, driving) instead of being programmed to do so.

28.06.2018 - 02:39 [ South China Morning Post ]

Peking University installs facial recognition system for students and staff on campus gate

Anyone going through the southwestern gate of prestigious Peking University can now have their face scanned by a camera instead of showing their ID card to security guards under a trial run of the system that started on Wednesday.
Many of the top universities in China restrict – and even ban – members of the public from visiting their campuses, and students and staff are often required to produce proof of identity before they can enter.

25.06.2018 - 09:14 [ Japan Times ]

Japan considers crime prediction system using big data and AI

Street crime prediction “has already achieved results in Europe and the United States,” said Mami Kajita, who established the data-analysis company Singular Perturbations Inc. last year in hopes of developing a Japanese version of the methods used in the United States.

02.05.2018 - 06:57 [ Hardcore Anal Hydrogen ]

HARDCORE ANAL HYDROGEN 🇫🇷Version française Music video and artificial intelligence

Deep Dream

How the AI (Artificial Intelligence) works seems complicated but it’s not. There are 2 main steps : training, then exploiting. It’s the same thing than learning an object to someone, let’s say a chair. You show him many pictures of differents chairs. Then after learning it, when he’ll see a chair, he’ll be able to answer „it’s a chair“, even if it’s a new one he’s never saw.

With the „Deep Dream“, the AI will dream over a picture you’ve loaded and draw shapes it has learned. If there are to dark dots on the pictures, it will draw 2 eyes and maybe a face etc…

29.04.2018 - 08:01 [ Futurism ]

The Military Just Created An AI That Learned How To Program Software

(26.April) No, this is not that moment in which AI becomes self-replicating; BAYOU merely generates what the researchers call “sketches” of a program that are relevant to what a programmer is trying to write. These sketches still need to be pieced together into the larger work, and they may have to be tailored to the project at hand.

28.03.2018 - 19:09 [ David Tamayo, CIO, DCS Corporation / ]

Will Artificial Intelligence Destroy Humanity?

Sure, it might be 20, 50 or even 100 years before AI becomes more intelligent than humans, posing an existential problem for today’s sapiens. Many luminaries like Elon Musk, Bill Gates and the late Stephen Hawking have warned that failing to prepare for this eventuality will guarantee our demise in some decades to come.

Perhaps we can start by noting that advances in artificial intelligence will not stop. That genie is out of the bottle. Billion-dollar AI companies are now being created in the proverbial “garage” throughout the world.