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18.01.2020 - 02:49 [ Armenia News ]

Armenia 3rd President expresses condolences on death of ex-National Security Service chief

… The investigation into the death of Georgi Kutoyan must be in the focus and under the supervision of the public, taking into consideration the position that he held in the country in the past.”

30.10.2019 - 03:26 [ Voice of America ]

US House Officially Recognizes Armenian Genocide

The historic vote was 405 to 11 and is seen as a rebuke to Turkey, which has spent nearly a century denying there was a genocide.

Although the U.S. has several times recognized an Armenian genocide through presidential proclamations and House resolutions, this is the first time the full Congress passed a measure making it U.S. policy. It is unclear if the Senate will follow.

05.11.2018 - 05:34 [ ]

RPA: Armenia government gives no appropriate response to Bolton, Mills’ statements

According to the deputy, this region is important for US and Russia to be close to Syria and Iran.

“Both Russia and the United States are trying to consolidate their political capital in this region, to increase their influence in order to fulfill their future goals,” the deputy concluded.

02.05.2018 - 19:29 [ Turan ]

Opposition supporters in Armenia block roads to Iran and Georgia

Opposition supporters blocked interstate roads from Armenia to Georgia and Iran on Wednesday, local media reported. „Today all the people demand one thing: our leader Nikol Pashinyan should become the prime minister, 55 MPs from the Republican Party should accept this,“ said one of the organizers of the protesters who initiated the blocking of the road to Georgia near the city of Sevan. A similar situation exists on the road connecting Armenia and Iran. On the outskirts of the town of Vayk, local residents drove large trucks and dump trucks, chanting anti-government slogans.

02.05.2018 - 19:25 [ Turan ]

General Strike in Armenia: Most Highways Blocked

Nikol Pashinyan and a large group of his supporters started the procession to the city center of Yerevan on May 2. Speaking in a megaphone, Pashinyan called not to block the roads connecting Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh, as well as the roads along which the army is supplied. He also reiterated that his supporters should pass ambulances, vehicles of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, and fire trucks.

25.04.2018 - 04:26 [ CTV ]

Armenia’s political transition unclear after PM’s ouster

„The opposition lacks a clear program of reforms, constructive agenda or clear demands,“ said Alexander Iskanderian, director of the Caucasus Institute in Yerevan. „It’s not that people took to the streets to support the opposition which has no clear structure or organization — they (did so to) protest against the corrupt government which became totally shameless.“