26.10.2018 - 22:17 [ teleSUR ]

Report: Argentine ‚Women Among Most Affected by Austerity Policies‘

“Women are among the most affected by austerity policies,” Argentina’s Center for Political Economy concluded in a recent report, which shows Argentine women have been more severely impacted by low-quality employment, budget cuts and poor execution of budgets, inflation, and poverty during the government of President Mauricio Macri.

20.10.2018 - 21:57 [ teleSUR ]

Evo Morales Announces Benefits for Bolivians Living Abroad

During a visit to the Bolivian community in Buenos Aires in Argentina, Morales announced a Permanent Registration Abroad Law, a Law of Registration of Dual Nationality Abroad and a programme to give citizens with Bolivian registered cars, who resided in other countries, the ability to access subsidized fuel.

“Your request for a Permanent Registration Abroad Law and the Law of Registration of Dual Nationality Abroad are guaranteed… and the most important thing you asked for, that when you visit Bolivia in a car with Argentine plates you can access the subsidized fuel,“ Morales said at an official event at the Buenos Aires consulate.

14.10.2018 - 22:53 [ teleSUR ]

Argentina: Macri Approval Rating Down 20% Since December 2017

Anti-austerity demonstrators, mainly from social organizations and unions, have been out en masse over the past year to protest the government’s slew of transportation and energy subsidy slashes, state worker layoffs in the tens of thousands, the devalued peso and the now US$57 billion International Monetary Fund loan.

13.10.2018 - 17:28 [ teleSUR ]

EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Indigenous Social Leader Milagro Sala

Sala is a renowned activist, who is seen as President Mauricio Macri’s first political prisoner. She created the Tupac Amaru Organization, which provides housing and other services to informal workers and working-class sectors.

25.09.2018 - 23:56 [ Reuters ]

Argentina national strike protests inflation, shuts grains port

Shops across Argentina were shuttered and the streets in the capital, Buenos Aires, were quiet on Tuesday after the country’s largest union called a 24-hour strike to protest President Mauricio Macri’s handling of the economy, which has been racked by runaway inflation.

25.09.2018 - 23:39 [ Reuters ]

Argentina’s central banker resigns in the midst of IMF talks

Luis Caputo’s surprise resignation after just three months in the role came as a nationwide strike by unions, called to protest Macri’s handling of the economy, shuttered public transit and ports across the country.

Former Economic Policy Secretary Guido Sandleris, who holds a doctorate in economics from Columbia University, was named as Caputo’s replacement.

12.09.2018 - 23:43 [ teleSUR ]

Argentina: New Supreme Court President ‚Too Close to Executive‘

Rosenkrantz is one of three supreme court justices Macri attempted to designate by decree without the Senate’s approval, which caused a national scandal and resistance from human rights groups and political opponents. Macri desisted and presented his nominations to the Senate, that confirmed Rosenkrantz with 58 votes in favor and 12 against.