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30.01.2020 - 15:28 [ teleSUR ]

Mexico: Activist Protector of Monarch Butterflies Found Dead

His brother, Amado Gomez asked the authorities for a DNA test because although he considers that the dimensions of the body match, the clothes do not correspond with the ones Homero wore the last time he was seen. Experts from the State Prosecutor’s Office keep on conducting the corresponding forensic studies.

16.07.2019 - 04:22 [ CNN ]

The African American museum founder who was found dead in the trunk of her car had been suffocated, coroner says

The 75-year-old did not die by strangulation, coroner Beau Clark told CNN, saying without elaboration that her nose and mouth were blocked. Asked if he found any wounds on her body, Clark said he is not releasing any such details at this time. A toxicology report will be available in three weeks, he said.

22.06.2019 - 05:21 [ Peoples Dispatch ]

Ola Bini released from prison

The decision by the court to accept the habeas corpus was celebrated by activists in Ecuador and across the world who have rallied around Ola and his fight for freedom. Since his arrest on April 11, Bini’s case has been marred by violations and irregularities. Human rights defenders and privacy activists have also denounced the political nature of Bini’s detention.

12.06.2019 - 02:15 [ teleSUR ]

Mexican Defender of Howler Monkey Sanctuary KIlled

… Recently he denounced the illegal extraction of sand and stones from the Usumacinta River.“

„Howler monkeys have become one of the most common species found in animal trafficking (rings). Adults are captured to be used as food and the young are used as pets,“ local media Principia reported and added that the capture of young monkeys usually leads to the death of the mother and the rest of the family group.

22.03.2019 - 17:33 [ teleSUR ]

Chile: Activists, Social Movements Protest Against US-Backed Integration Body Prosur

Among those expected to participate is the Coordinating Assembly of High School Students (ACES), Student Federations of the University of Chile and the University of Santiago, Women in Front , Rebel Violet, the Marielle Franco Committee, the Revolutionary Workers Party (PTR), the Bread & Roses Women’s movement, the Urban Settlers Struggle Movement (MPL), and the Equality Partido.

26.01.2019 - 05:55 [ The New York Times ]

Angela Davis Won an Award. It Was Revoked. Now It’s Been Reinstated.

A civil rights group in Birmingham, Ala., said on Friday that it had reinstated Angela Davis, the activist and scholar, as the recipient of its annual human rights award, reversing a controversial decision to revoke the honor weeks ago.