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20.11.2020 - 03:26 [ Bloomberg ]

Poland Vows to End Street ‘Revolution’ as Police Quash Protest

Poland won’t allow women-led street protests to trigger a “revolution,” a senior government official said, after police cracked down on a demonstration for abortion rights.

Police pepper sprayed demonstrators and cudgeled them with batons late on Wednesday, drawing condemnation from opposition parties. It was an unprecedented show of force after a month of protests against a court ruling that effectively bans abortion.

07.06.2019 - 05:46 [ ]

‚Abortion Up to Conscience, Not Government,‘ Declared Bernie Sanders… in 1972


The 2020 Democratic contender, says one top aide, „has been fighting these battles for decades, even when it wasn’t politically advantageous.“

07.06.2019 - 05:36 [ CNN ]

Biden says he no longer supports the Hyde Amendment, reversing his long-held position

The Hyde Amendment is a four-decade-old ban on federal dollars being used for abortions except in cases of rape, incest or when the woman’s life is in danger.

Biden’s campaign on Wednesday said he still supported the Hyde Amendment — a position that put him to the right of all other leading 2020 Democratic contenders, as well as Hillary Clinton and the party’s platform in 2016.