keyword malfunction fixed

The keyword / tag malfunction is fixed. Our readers can now find the last 200 entries under the corresponding tags, for example to the run-up of the US Presidential Elections in 2020, to the September / October period or the ongoing endgame. Generally, you can report any problem to us or simply ask questions by sending us a mail to info(at)

Note for Feed Reader Users

In some main feed readers RSS and Atom Feed subscription is only possible if feed URLS appear in the website’s source code. Accordingly, we have adjusted this. Subscribing should now be possible for all feed reader users.

Regarding the US presidential election in 2020: We are done with democracy simulations

After the Iowa fraud and Bernie Sanders‘ Al Gore style capitulation (no recount / „recalculation“ of an in broad daylight rigged caucus) and the deafening silence of each and every progressive lawmaker, even from the Squad, we do not support any candidate in this election and furthermore question its authenticity and legitimacy. From this day on, we will rarely post any news to this election-without-a-choice.